Sun and fun at the U of C

By The Maroon Staff

Spring has finally made it to Chicago in all its annual brevity, and the quads are alive with excitement. The Festival of the Arts is back for its third year in a row, the Scav Hunt tomfoolery is already underway, and next weekend’s Summer Breeze promises to liven up even more an already vibrant campus. After a harsh winter, the University of Chicago is more than ready for some warm-weather enjoyment.

As academically-minded as U of C students are, our intellectual vigor extends well beyond the classroom, from creating art for FOTA, to finding innovative solutions to Scav Hunt dilemmas. These elaborate events, all organized chiefly by students, show that there are indeed enthusiastic, self-motivated groups on campus that, with the proper funding, can put on amazing events on a large scale. Students here can be relied upon to make the school a vibrant in which to live and work.

The newly elected metamorphosis executive slate ran on a platform of increasing funding for RSOs. The University is already making concerted efforts to improve the nightlife in Hyde Park; it should continue working with Student Government members to increase funding for motivated RSOs, which can provide events like those aforementioned that undoubtedly improve student life. By working to improve the quality of student life both on campus and in the surrounding neighborhood, the University can perhaps begin to shed the image of a place where fun comes to die.