Letter to the Editor

By Letter to the Editor

ER error cause for concern

I am a resident of the South Shore Hyde Park neighborhood and frequently shop at the Co-op, where I pick up the Maroon along with other community papers. I appreciate the paper being left at the Co-op for U of C students as well as interested community residents. That a U of C student received poor care in the U of C Hospital’s Emergency Room (“Nightmare On 58th Street: Trust Lacking At The ER,” 10/5/07) was somewhat surprising. I thought maybe the U of C would treat “one of its own” a bit better.

A few years ago I left this Emergency Room before my daughter was seen or triaged—the wait was unconscionably long (more than two hours)—and she, at the time, was under the care of a U of C doctor. Also, you may recall the television news report several months ago of a young father who took his baby daughter to the U of C Hospital’s Emergency Room. He was sent home with his baby, and the baby died later that night. It is obvious the U of C Hospital administration is long overdue for serious examination and an overhaul of their system. They need to do this to maintain the “venerable” status they so frequently advertise. I’m glad to see this article in the Maroon—maybe this will help send the needed “heads-up” message and result in action.

Sondra Frazier

Hyde Park