Staff Editorial: Relocating the Reserves

By Maroon Editorial Staff

The overseers of the University Library System have recently taken a survey to gauge student opinion on moving Harper reserve materials to the Regenstein reserves. We at the Maroon anticipate some opposition to such a move; Harper is a charming, well-liked building frequented by many students. Nevertheless, we support the consolidation of reserve resources at the Regenstein.

Concerns regarding the overburdening of Regenstein resources and staff could be assuaged by an intelligent division of labor. Check-outs may be slowed significantly by an increase in volume, but a new reserve-only desk would diminish this problem’s magnitude as well as improve regular circulation traffic problems. A new reserve-only desk would tremendously simplify the reserve system.

Moreover, the removal of Harper’s reserves will not prevent students from studying there. The reading room will remain open, and will most likely be less crowded as the result of the proposed move. In fact, shipping Harper’s reserve books to the Regenstein would reaffirm Harper’s existence as a quiet space for studying, free from the distractions of incessant photocopiers and reserve-related chatter.

Moving the Harper reserves to the Regenstein is a good idea, but creating a new reserve only desk at the Regenstein is an even better idea.