Staff Editorial

By The Maroon Staff

An air-tight campaign

Since last June, Lab School parents have been voicing concern over the possibility that toxic particles might drift into Lab School classrooms as Woodward Court is being demolished. Air quality is a legitimate concern, and Lab School parents, to their credit, have taken matters into their own hands, forming an Air Quality Committee to keep tabs on the situation.

But what’s troublesome about this campaign is the extent to which it has been framed as a problem that will only affect Lab School students. What about the rest of the community? And that’s not to the mention the construction workers who will be working on the site. Lab School parents would be doing a good deed if they made the health of all of Hyde Park a more visible part of their protest than they have thus far. After all, community service is not just a matter of doggedly fighting for your own party’s self interest.

Recent reports about the poor health of workers at Ground Zero have underscored the potentially hazardous effects of poor air quality. Let’s hope that the University and Lab School parents can find a workable solution to this problem before it becomes serious. This way everyone within breathing distance of Woodward Court would benefit.