CAPS working to improve Chicago Career Connection

In response to “A depressing site” (January 21)

By Letter to the Editor

The Maroon recently printed an article discussing the elements of Chicago Career Connection (CCC) that work well—and some that do not ("A depressing site," January 21). CAPS is committed to aiding students in their career searches and wanted to respond to those concerns.

We were thrilled to read that students are pleased with the content in CCC. CAPS works to provide a wide range of opportunities—we offer over 10,000 job and internship opportunities to our students, via our work with employers and our partnerships with the Nationwide Internship Consortium (NIC) and the University Career Action Network (UCAN). Since making the switch to CCC three years ago, we’ve seen a 25-percent increase in the number of organizations that are recruiting our students on campus.

Furthermore, there are over 800 College-sponsored opportunities available to undergraduates, including 400 Metcalf opportunities, FLAG Grants, Summer Action and International Experience Grants, PRISM Grants, Seidel Program Grants, Human Rights Internships, and SummerLinks, among others.

With that said, here is what CAPS is doing to address the functionality problems raised by the maroon:

• Students will now receive a notification from CAPS when they are selected as a pre-select or an alternate for on-campus interviews.

• Students will also receive a confirmation from CAPS confirming the time and date of their interviews when they sign up.

• Students will receive a notification if interview time slots open up for alternates.

• Students will also be able to log into CCC to see if they have not been selected for an interview, so that they can move on to the next opportunity.

• Students may also organize and search through jobs and internships that interest them—go to “Jobs and Internships” and click on the “Applications” tab, where you can sort by employer, position, and date submitted.

• Finally, we are exploring partnerships with other technology vendors that would allow us to offer students a more comprehensive “home base,” where you can store all of your job applications, correspondence with employers, and other job and internship notes.

CAPS is committed to addressing the concerns that the Editorial Board raised last month and we want to hear more from students about ways we can improve our systems and serve you better. To share your ideas with a CAPS staff member, please email Meredith Daw, CAPS Director, at to set up a meeting time.


Meredith Daw and the CAPS staff