Counting our blessings

Giving a shout-out to a few of the things that make life at the U of C worth living

By Maroon Editorial Board

This time of the quarter, it can be tough to think of things you’re grateful for as you sit down to your Thanksgiving meal. Here’s a cheat sheet:

Being done with the Core: Because we wouldn’t wish two more quarters of Phy Sci on our worst enemies.

Dollar Shake Day: It only gets better when there’s cookies ‘n’ cream.

The upcoming four-day weekend: By the end of ninth week, who couldn’t use four days of vacation?

Christmas lights on the Quad: Because the holiday spirit makes anywhere feel like home.

Those padfolios you get for attending “Taking the Next Step”: Otherwise we’d have nothing to carry to interviews as fourth-years.

$4 footlong baguette sandwiches at the Law School Café: A little taste of Paris, south of 60th Street.

Expanded pre-professional programs: Chicago Careers in Law, Health Professions, and Arts. Maybe we can actually do something with our lives.

The inside of Harper Library: It’s one of the three most stunning spots on a campus full of them.

The University’s stance on aid for undocumented students: Simply put, it’s the right thing to do.

The service at the Pub: The guys at Jimmy’s could learn a thing or two from the always kind staff at the Pub in the basement of Ida Noyes.

Flights out of Midway: So much better than O’Hare.

David Bevington: A U of C institution, along with his tweed jackets and quarterly parties.

Carillon bells: The Godfather theme? “Paint it Black”? Our appreciation knows no bounds.

That one aunt with the Ph.D. who smiles sympathetically when everyone else at Thanksgiving dinner asks how you like UIC.

The Renaissance Society: Contemporary art for the half hour between Spanish and Sosc.

Kuko’s World Famous Burritos at South Campus Dining: Whether or not they’re “world famous,” they deserve to be.

Office hours: Try going! Your TA might have her cute baby with her.

TransLoc shuttle and bus tracker: May not reduce wait times, but eases minds.

Autumn: Everything’s so pretty, you forget how much winter will suck.

Political activism on campus: But it would be nice if it persisted when Obama’s not around.

Crescat Graffiti, Vita Excolatur: Some walls do talk, and Quinn Dombrowski is still listening.

Friends with cars/extra Flex: Hopefully you’re friends for other reasons too.

Arts Pass: It’s never been easier to feel more classy and cultured. Especially for free.

Midway crossing guards: Much appreciated during late night walks around and across the Midway.

Valois: It’s cheap, delicious, and a Hyde Park mainstay.

Richard Strier: For helping students find the comedy in Shakespeare’s tragedies.

Pocket money from research studies: Scientific progress may not go “boink,” but it can be fun and profitable.

U of C football: Back to the Big Ten, anybody? Gridiron greatness awaits.

John Frederick: His grace, charm, and overhead slides have made atmospheric science a pleasure for a generation of students.

Blues ‘N’ Ribs, Mardi Gras, Summer Breeze: And all other opportunities to get buzzed on the University’s dime.

The B-Level: For the times when anything short of absolute silence isn’t good enough.

DOC Films: There’s just no easier way of becoming an expert on the Lithuanian cinema of the 1930s.

Dennis Hutchinson: For laying down the law and leaving us in awe.

Everyone and everything we forgot: We’re sorry. Happy Thanksgiving.

The Maroon Editorial Board consists of the Editor-in-Chief and Viewpoints Editors.