Midterm Madness

Viewpoints writers weigh in on Tuesday’s elections.

By Emily Wang

With November 2 in our wake, four Viewpoints writers offer their thoughts on Election Tuesday.

Unfulfilled expectations

by Emily Wang

Responsibility. This was the key word two years ago when Obama was inaugurated as our 44th president. I remember, of course, because we took time out from school to listen to his historic speech, and you never forget the things that get you out of class. Read more

Not quite a Republic revolution

by Tyler Lutz

To the Democrats:

Oh no! The cruel horde of deregulation and intolerance is come upon us again to ravage our countryside and pillage our homes; let's run for it!

To the Republicans:

Congratulations on your valiant victory over the forces of pure evil embodied in those socialist heathens and anti-American terrorist-sympathizers and stuff. George Washington would be proud. And stuff. Read more

To anyone left… Read more

Calling for bipartisanship

by Suchin Gururangin

The war is over. The nation has spoken. Republicans are triumphant; Democrats are dazed and confused. And caught in this epic struggle is a tragic leader who, not even two years into his presidency, has been rejected by the nation. “Yes We Can” has changed into “No You Can’t.” Read more

A broken system

by Lloyd Lee

I was very close to not voting on Tuesday. In fact, up until Sunday I had decided not to vote. Before Sunday my roommate scolded me for planning not to vote, saying that it was my civic duty. I believed I had good reasons, and still do. Mainly that voting is irrational, which it is. But another reason beyond the irrationality was that I simply have become so disillusioned by and indifferent towards American politics that I thought, “What’s the point in me voting?” Read more