Moving On, Giving Back

By Maroon Editorial Staff

As seniors head into next week confronting graduation and the future, it is the right time to reflect on the University and how it has shaped our minds. Though it may be easy to forget, Chicago has given us unique tools. We are taught not to merely use our knowledge for a vocation, but for life in general.

The University also created a bond between fellow students, making us more than just friends, but a cohesive community. Even if we have different experiences, we all know what it means to struggle through the Core, to study at the Reg, to shiver through winter quarter, and awkwardly dance at a frat party. These times may seem mundane for us students, but after graduation, they will be exceptional memories.

And because of everything that the University has provided us, we should continue to be active members in it. We have paid and received a unique education at Chicago; it is only fair we help the University provide this education to others. Through alumni donations, the students of today need to support our school so it can give the same gift for generations to come. We entered an exceptional community during O-Week; we should remain a part of it even when depart Hyde Park.