Editors’ Note

By Maroon Editorial Staff

Dear Readers,

In Tuesday’s unsigned editorial (“Don’t Believe the HYPE,” 2/27/07), the Maroon Editorial Board erroneously stated that the Student Government Finance Committee made the decision to fund UChicago HYPE’s Yacht Party event. The article also insinuated that the current Student Government slate, “A New Day,” and its Vice President for Student Affairs, David Courchaine, were responsible for the decision.

The decision to fund HYPE was made by the 2006 Annual Allocations Committee (AnnAl). The committee meets in spring quarter to allocate funds to Registered Student Organizations for the following academic year. The decision to allocate $6,000 to HYPE was made last spring when the previous slate was in office and under a committee separate from that slate.

The Maroon regrets and apologizes for these errors.