Re: Staff editorial attached

By Maroon Editorial Staff

In the past week, a particularly tricky virus has flooded inboxes with e-mails bearing increasingly convincing subject lines that lure users into opening the infected files. While the intellectual population at the University has been able to withstand the majority of these clever ruses, it appears that some people have still been fooled into unwittingly propagating this electronic epidemic. Since we assume that common taglines such as “Hi,” or even “Re: Approved,” would not beguile the average University student, the Maroon has compiled a list of subjects that may have gotten the better of some in our community.

Re: your serious boyfriend/girlfriend

Meet me outside of Cobb

Nude pictures of Ted O’Neill

Depressed? We can help

Free printing!

Free drinks!!!

Fwd: Party in the A-Level

Harvard wants you

Hum paper attached

Bring back Taco Bell

Dude, I think your TA is into you

Bush, Cheney perish in sudden fire

Winter Quarter cancelled

Save Shoreland, Burn Max

Mistake about your financial aid

Flex dollars now usable at the Med

Important message for econ concentrators

Beware: Rat feces in Bartlett

CAPS has a job for you!

Increase the size of your brain