SG Merits Our Attention

By Maroon Editorial Staff

Summer may be in sight for many of us, but students have at least one more obligation to fulfill before classes end (other than finals). Spring Quarter at the University of Chicago signifies the return of something very important: an endless barrage of fliers, e-mails, campaign speeches, and chalkings, all of which indicate the imminence of the Student Government executive slate elections.

The student body has often been indifferent to SG elections, with the general mentality that SG will or can do nothing for the College. But this year, as the Student Government Financial Committee has run out of RSO funding for the second year in a row and graduate students still have difficulty implementing more benefits into their health care, students should see that SG is more important than ever.

The purpose of Student Government is to advocate the students’ needs to the administration. The more apathetic students are to SG, the more unwilling and unable SG is to be active for the student body. Thus, it is about time that students return to being interested in how their representatives are working for them, and if students are unhappy with the current situation, they should make their voices heard with ballots.

For any student who feels his or her RSO did not get the proper funding, or that the University is not successfully promoting a lively and active student body, now is the time to get involved. Start reading the campaign fliers that the slates are putting out, go to the debates and listen to their platforms, and start asking questions about how SG can make your years at the University better. Voting starts a week from Monday, and until then, read the Maroon’s SG coverage next week, and we’ll see you at the debate on Tuesday.