Here’s to the Pub

By Maroon Editorial Staff

Around laundry day, those awful shirts that say “where fun comes to die,” seem to pop up all over campus. Fortunately, there is an institution on campus whose sole purpose is to create fun.

The Pub has been on campus for roughly 30 years—and it shows. The weathered booths and pool tables add to the relaxed atmosphere, with Miller and Pabst paraphernalia adorning the underground cavern. In a school where people regularly complain about a lack of community spirit, one needs only to stop by the Pub to realize that community and spirit do exist on this campus, and in fine form. This is the place to have a beer.

Victor Vogt, manager of the Pub, is a veritable expert on beer, and can discuss any of the beers on tap with authority. Those with high tolerance can attempt to join the Pub’s “51 beer” club—an additional incentive to take a load off and broaden one’s taste. Beyond the beer, the Pub provides food, pool, and theme nights, including Wings Night and Trivia Night. Like any University institution of value (Shake Day, the Common Core, the Swim Test during O-week) we must support the Pub if we wish it to endure. While other Hyde Park bars have their perks, the Pub is specifically part of the University. Nowhere else can one have a job interview, go to a lecture, catch a movie, and have a drink all in one building. As students and supporters of the University community, it is our duty to be patrons of the Pub. As we head into finals, we have one last word of advice: Cheers!