Word on the street

Random student opinions on the Occupy movement.

By Maroon Editorial Staff

“I agree with the basic premise of the movement: that there is excessive greed and accumulation of wealth among the top 1% in our country. My personal feeling is that, while we are a country made up of individuals and proud of individualism, we also accomplish our greatest feats as a group, and that idea is often ignored. ”

—Daniel Weissbart, 3rd-Year Law, Letters and Society Major

“I’m really ambivalent about it. I support their cause, which is bringing people’s attention to the egregious gap in wealth in America. But it also feels weird because I don’t see our politics reflecting their cause at all. You just find really brutal police crackdowns and not nearly enough public outcry over them.”

—Mike Sexton, 2nd-Year Mathematics Major

“I agree with the idea of Occupy Wall Street but not the actual method. I feel like what they did in the beginning was alright but now it’s just people squatting in the park with no actual purpose. They don’t do anything meaningful anymore.”

—George Dewey, 3rd-Year Biology Major

“For me it’s almost kind of refreshing. It’s like, okay, people are getting up and putting people in the streets and caring about something. But at the same time, it’s like, is America even ready for that? We don’t really operate on this revolutionary model, generally speaking. We’re much more reformist. ”

—Erin Britton, 4th-Year International Studies Major

“I’m shocked at the double standard held with the Occupy Movement against the Tea Party movement. There’s so much more support for Occupy on this campus, and yet, for the Tea Party movement, which was a much calmer movement with much less violence, where people cleaned up for themselves, there was so much less support on this campus.”

—Hannah Cook, 4th-Year Psychology Major

“I definitely approve of Occupy. There are certainly issues with it. It’s sort of unfocused. In a lot of cases it doesn’t have specific goals and there’s a danger of it petering out without accomplishing anything. On the other hand, the basics of what they stand for and what they’re fighting for are, I think, things that most everyone can agree with.”

—Steven Lauterwasser, 4th-Year History major

“It was pretty exciting to take part in it. I like what they’re doing; I like what they’re trying to achieve. It’s good that they’re showing the world that something needs to be done. At the same time, it’s really disorganized; they’re getting in trouble in different places. I don’t know how this is going to end. I like the spirit, I like the movement, but I feel like it should try to be more organized to get things done.”

—Leslie Gailloud, 2nd-Year English Major

“They need to go out and get a job instead of sitting in a park all day.”

—Clayton Ayers, 4th-Year Mathematics major