Latke tops hamentash

By Maroon Editorial Staff

In the past year, the Maroon has endorsed with trepidation candidates for the U.S. presidency and student government at the University, in races that featured so many complexities that a clear choice was not obvious. This Tuesday, however, the Maroon endorses with its full support the candidacy of the latke as this year’s winner for the Latke-Hamentash debate.

Among the many issues surrounding this decision—most of them culturally and significantly important to the fabric of American life—are taste, form, and preparation, things that are key for students and faculty at the University of Chicago. The latke can either be eaten sweet or salty, with applesauce or with sour cream for the diverse student body, while the hamentash only bears one flavor: sugar. Latkes are fried and preferably served hot, providing the student on the go a quick, warm meal. Hamentash, while they can be eaten hot, are mainly served stone cold. The Maroon also respects mathematical discourse on geometric forms, and the near-360 degree latke makes it a clear intellectual superior to the comparatively small-minded triangular hamentash, with its acute angles adding up to a mere 180 degrees. It should be further noted that the hamentash—with its sharp angles and sides—presents a destructive potential, and we support the less lethal, more well rounded candidate.

By the end of the month, Chicago students will have had two Tuesdays when they had to choose between two tangible candidates. Most students here seemed disappointed with the results of that first Tuesday. But, now with the Latke-Hamentash debate today at 7:30 p.m. at Mandel Hall, there is another chance again to stand up and support a candidate in a historic debate. The Maroon strongly believes in the morals and ideals of the latke. We encourage you to cast you vote for latkes on November 23.