We Got A Genius

By Maroon Editorial Staff

The Maroon demanded a genius from the Board of Trustees in this year’s Orientation issue. The nomination of Robert Zimmer to the University presidency meets this challenge, and it ensures that the key criteria for our next president are met.

We are comforted that, having taught here for 25 years, Zimmer clearly understands the U of C. We are glad that he has expressed no interest in changing the unique academic atmosphere that distinguishes the University from the rest.

But while we know that he is unlikely to even contemplate touching any of the University’s most sacred elements, such as the Core, there is still much to talk about. President Randel worked hard to rectify the University’s historic inattention towards undergraduates and the arts. His Chicago Initiative has been a resounding success, and a recent series of mega-gifts promises to bring in better facilities and faculty for the University to thrive. We can only hope that Zimmer continues Randel’s legacy in that regard.

Still, we are not just looking for more of the same. We applaud the Board of Trustees for selecting a mathematics professor, who stands to add prestige and renewed focus to the University’s math and science departments.

Zimmer must follow many of the innovations that President Randel began while also bringing his own touch to University matters. His ability to do so will define his legacy as the 13th president of the University.