By The Maroon Staff

The following names were inadvertently left out of the letter about Campus Watch published on November 7.

Arnold I. Davidson, Professor of Philosophy; Peter Dorman, Associate Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization; Walter Farber, Professor, Oriental Institute and NELC; Susan Goldin-Meadow, Professor of Psychology; Gene Gragg, Professor of Linguistics and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations; Loren A. Kruger, Professor of English Language and Literature; John Lucy, Professor of Psychology; William Meadow, Professor of Pediatric Medicine; Lawrence Norman, Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures; Lawrence Rothfield, Associate Professor of English Language and Literature; Richard Shweder, Professor of Human Development and Psychology; Paul Sereno, Professor, Organismal Biology and Anatomy; Martha Ward, Professor of Art History; Kenneth Warren, Professor of English Language and Literature; Anthony C. Yu, Professor in the Divinity School, EALC, and English; Judith Zeitlin, Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations.


Wayne C. Booth, Professor Emeritus of English Language and Literature;

Bennett Leventhal, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychology.